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Splash Pad: 12:00pm-1:00pm 

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Lunch Time

Lunch time usually happens between 11:30- 12:00. Pack members will be pulled from the playroom if their pawrents provided food upon drop off, or if they let our staff know to feed them our house food. 

Self Regulation

Don't be alarmed if you notice that your pup is not playing. Most of the time a dog knows when it is time to take a break and nap for a little bit, it's ok. You will often notice that the entire pack is having a blast and other times you will see them all taking a rest. It is great for a dog to take a break when they are playing non-stop through out the day!

Time Outs

If you do not see your pup in the play room it could be a variety of reasons. Time outs often happen, and they are not always for bad behavior. Our staff is there to monitor every pup that is in their room. They may see that your dog is a little nervous and that a little alone time will help. Or a dog may be trying to nap and others are trying to play. There will also be times where the time out is for bad behavior and we need to correct that before things happen. All pups have their days, just like we do. So moms and/or dads, please know this is normal. If our pack leaders inform us that there has been quite a few time outs for negative behavior , we will let you know. 

Attached at the Hip

Sometimes your dog may like the company of humans rather than other fur friends, that's ok. We love to make all of our pack members feel like they are at home and receive all the love they can while they are in our care.

Flirty Behavior

Even though all male pack members over 6 months are neutered, we still make sure there is no funny business while playing. Male and female dogs have the natural urge to display dominance with others, it is very normal. If you notice your pet flirting with others, don't worry as soon as a pack member sees they will redirect each pup. 

What to expect while watching 

Please be advised that every member of our staff is trained on dog behavior. 
To know right from wrong, anxious or stressed..ect

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