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Our History

Stephanie White, Owner/Operator, grew up on thirty acres here at Lake Oconee. Born with a love for animals, she used the “farm” to her advantage. She had dogs and cats. She raised chickens and sold eggs to make spending money. She even had a goat and some calves. At age 11, she showed her first horse, a Tennessee Walking Horse named Royal Flirt, which is a hobby that continues to this day. Now she has her own horse farm which she enjoys with her many critters.

She knew her passion was to have a career being involved with the care of animals before she ever graduated from high school. Though her father and mother had their doubts, Stephanie was constantly talking about a future in the “doggy daycare” business. She was determined to prove to them that this was what she was born to do after college. After high school, she headed off to college at Wingate University on a softball scholarship with her sights set on a degree, a successful softball career with her team, and then coming back to Lake Oconee and fulfilling her dreams of working with pets.

In between studies and games, she and her father traveled the world looking at pet resorts. Stephanie made a believer out of her father, and they went to work designing a state-of-the-art facility which Stephanie named Harmony Pet Resort. Harmony Pet Resort opened in November of 2006. Stephanie’s goal was to have a place that allowed pets to vacation while their mother and father were on vacation too! Her recipe for a successful resort is simple: “Pets who have a safe and loving home away from home will make for happy pets and happy parents!”

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