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Pups of the

Seven K

Daycare at Paws & Play

Contact us at;


Text: 888.451.1882

Daycare Hours;

Monday-Friday: 7am-7pm

Saturday: 9am-5pm

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*Reservations are required for your pup to attend daycare.
*A $3.00 convienence fee is added on for same day reservations. 

Vaccine Requirements
Bordetella(every 6 months)    K9 Influenza    Distemper    Rabies

We do not allow any puppies to come play unless they have finished all 4 rounds of their booster shots and are atleast 16 weeks in age

Pack members who are over the age of 8 months and are not spayed/neutered will NOT be able to play in large groups!

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Placement Evaluations

Placement Evaluations are the first step to become a member of the pack. This helps us get knowledge on whether your pup is going to fit in to a large group with others, without having the fear of anxiety, and or signs of aggression. Our goal is to find the best social setting for you fur baby. We strive to create a safe and fun place that can be your dogs home away from home. 

Evals are to arrive between 8am-8:30am on day scheduled and stay until 1pm or later. 

One time fee of $30



If your pup has passed their placement evaluation with flying paws, our regular daycare group is going to be the best option. Our daycare groups maintain up to 15 others according to size and temperment, and a  pack leader always has their eye on everybody at all times. 

Daycare By the Hour (up to 4 hours)

Full Day of Daycare

($3 dollars off each additional dog)

Welcome to Doggy 

Enhanced Day Play

Maybe your pup had some social anxiety or we noticed some irritation when interacting with others during their evaluation. Thats ok! Here at Paws and Play we want to help make your pup feel comfortable. Enrichment is a process to make sure that happens. 

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