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Placement Evaluations can be scheduled in advance during any day of the week, M-F. We ask that all of our evals for each day arrive between 7am-7:30am, this allows your pup to be the first one in the room and acclamate to his/her surroundings before the other pack members start to show up. We will monitor their behavior, temperment, and how they choose to greet their new friends. Once we determine that they are fit to be in a large play group, we will send you home with a certificate and a report of how they did. During the day, all pups are taken out of play and put into their own room for a cool down and rest period. This helps so there is no overstimulation towards others. We do require that they stay with us until atleast 1pm. This give us time to see how and if their behavior changes throught the day. They are free to stay as long as you need until we close. 

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