Activities & Extras

For Dogs

Happy Bones - $3.5
A delicious Kong filled with peanut butter and a milk bone will leave your pup with fun-filled entertainment while he is enjoying his stay at Harmony Pet Resort.

YoPup Frozen Yogurt - $4
YoPup Frozen Yogurt treats are created using all-natural, ultra premium ingredients in a low-fat yogurt base. YoPups provide your four-legged friends with the health benefits of wholesome natural ingredients and active yogurt cultures that assist digestion, aid nutrient absorption, boost the immune system, and provide long-lasting benefits to your beloved companion.

Extra Outs - $4.50
Enjoy an extra 20-minute time outside to enjoy the outdoors and a potty break.

Individual Play Time - $6
Your canine companion enjoys one-on-one exercise time with one of the Harmony Pet Resort team members.

Group Play Time - $8
Rain or shine… your pooch can enjoy 30 minutes of frolicking and play with other canine companions, either inside in our climate-controlled playrooms or outside in our 6,000 square feet of outdoor fun.

Individual Pool Time - $12
Cool off in our dog bone shaped pool. Pool times are 30 minutes.

Group Pool Time - $12
Enjoy some canine companions while cooling off in the pool. Nothing is better than splashing around with your canine friends.

Daycare while Boarding - $20 
Spend the day with our pack at Paws & Play! Placement evaluation required. 


For Cats

TLC Time - $6
Your cat can enjoy TLC time with the staff at Harmony Pet Resort. One-on-one time enjoying the lap of luxury and our cat area filled with toys. Don't let your cat miss out on this.

Tree Climb Time - $5
Your cat can enjoy time climbing and playing on our cat tree.

CBD Phish Treat - $5.50

So thankful for the folks at the pet resort. They take such good care of Maggie, and she loves them and coming to swim and play at the resort.— Diane W.