Dog Boarding

Our state-of-the-art resort offers unsurpassed personalized attention, pampering, comfort, and safety. Your dog will enjoy elevated bedding, large suites, and fantastic murals. We know you would not want anything less for your pet. We offer three types of accommodation options for your dog's stay at Harmony Pet Resort so you can choose the option that best suits your dog's needs.

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The Harmony Estates

The Harmony Estates

Standard villas are available to all pooches of any shape or size. Our villas are 4x7 and 6x9, and they offer a comfortable place for your pooch to lounge between activities and meals and experience a peaceful night’s rest at our resort. Pets are guaranteed three 30-minute potty breaks (first thing each day, again mid-day, and again just before bedtime) and two meals (if desired*) included in their rate.

  • Villas (4x7): $28.00 per day (under 40 lbs)
  • Grand Villas (6x9): $33.00 per day (over 40 lbs)
The Villas at Central Bark

The Villas at Central Bark

Central Bark rooms include four 30-minute potty breaks (first thing each day, again mid-day, afternoon, and again just before bedtime), plus two meals per day (if desired*). These rooms have TVs, posturepedic mattresses, and automatic water bowls. They have all the comforts of home.

  • Petite Suites (4x6): $32 per night (30lbs & under)
  • Luxury Suites (6x9): $40 per night
  • Family Suite (10x10): $84 flat rate for all family members
Poolside Cabañas

Poolside Cabañas

Our Poolside Cabañas provide your pooch with a 6x16 indoor/outdoor villa, which allows them to enjoy a climate-controlled area, as well as fresh air in their cozy porch area. Pets are given two 30-minute outings in our yards, as well as two meals per day (if desired*) included in their rate. They also have automatic water bowls.

  • Poolside Cabañas: $42.00 per day

*We recommend bringing your own food from home to keep your dog on his own diet.

Wow! We boarded our two dogs for over a week. I just picked them up, and they were in great shape! Thanks so much for allowing us to enjoy our family vacation worry-free while taking amazing care of our furry children!— Melissa M.